The Eagle Has Left The Nest

The Eagle Has Left The Nest

There is a time in a parents life where the first born child has to leave the nest. It can be nerve racking thinking of all the things the young one still doesn’t know, how many things can go wrong, possible bodily harm or in the worst case, being crushed by a dropped bar. Fortunately for us we’re not talking about a human child but our first shipped OpenBarbell prototype, OpenBarbell Bryce (V0.24).


We’re excited to have our first prototype in the hands of somebody who is not within arms reach, but there is a lot of work to be done before we are confident enough to put it in the hands of somebody we do not have an active open dialogue with. Bryce Lewis, who if you do not currently follow you most definitely should, has been a huge supporter of what we do since he heard about the project. He’s helping us spread the word and in return, we are making him our firs guinea pig. 


We’re actively working down our waitlist of OpenBarbell recipients and are hoping to get OpenBarbell Frederick (V0.25) done within about a month from this post. If you’re looking to help the cause, head on over to the forum and post some questions or log your very own build. Back to work…


Jordan Berke

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