The FSU Weightlifting Club Pt. 2

The FSU Weightlifting Club Pt. 2

Immediately after being elected President of the FSU Weightlifting Club in late Spring 2014, I was told that we had to move off campus. This was not an optimal start to my presidency. Objective #1 became clear – find a place to train.

After a month of contacting and meeting with several facilities to see which ones could accommodate the 60+ club members and surplus of equipment in need of a new home, we finally decided to move headquarters to an unused 15ft x 24ft office side room at a Gold’s Gym a few miles from campus. Although smaller and further than the FSU Muscle Lab, the “Strength Cave” (unfortunately, that name never caught on) had numerous benefits such as long availability hours as well as providing Club members with outrageously discounted Gold’s memberships. This allowed us to train consistently as a team and defend our State Championship title in 2014. The club continued existing, and for that, we are forever grateful to the two people that made it possible: Rod Foys (Gold’s Gym Manager) and Josh Chamblin (alumni of the club and at-the-time Gold’s Gym personal trainer).


Then one day in early July 2015, I walked into Rod’s office to pay the Club’s rent for that month. He quickly informed me that the club would have to move (not his decision) out of Gold’s at the end of August due to a new program they were starting and their other programs needed to be rezoned (I later learned that the room would be transformed from our powerlifting dungeon into the zumba room, which only added insult to injury). After telling the clubs previous president, Mike Taylor, about the unfortunate news, he laughed and said that my presidency would forever be known as the “Transient Era.” While suiting because we were once again nomadic weightlifters, I wanted to find the club a permanent home.

With two months to figure out a plan, I immediately started looking into large storage facilities (desperate times call for desperate measures) and inquiring Josh for advice. He said he had wanted to open his own facility in a few years but would expedite that process for the club. Hearing this and reflecting back on all the club’s previous and current members, I realized something – Josh had been the backbone of the club for several years. Although never in an officer position, he designed and sold shirts, donated equipment, set up the meeting between myself and Rod which lead to the club moving to Gold’s, and always helped coach other club members. Essentially, Josh is one of the most, if not, the most passionate member the club has ever had because he truly respects what we represent. This is why I immediately decided that the new, permanent home of the FSU Weightlifting Club would be Capital City Barbell. Conveniently located one block from campus and stocked with all the equipment the club needs to keep bringing home Champion titles, this facility is a blessing to all who value strength, skill, and teamwork.

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