Squats & Science Coach Arian Khamesi – Testimonials

Squats & Science Coach Arian Khamesi – Testimonials

Squats & Science is defined by two things, can you guess what they are? If you said both the optimization of athletic performance and the scientific principles of strength training, you would be correct. We’ve been working hard to bring you products that we can be proud of, and we want to announce one more.


Welcome Squats & Science Coach Arian Khamesi


Squats & Science is now offering remote coaching, and we’ve brought on one of the brightest young coaches around. Arian Khamesi has been leading the strongest athletes in the US to competition for over half a decade and has gained the respect and admiration of some of the best minds in powerlifting. Click here for more info about his coaching.


You should find everything you need to know about Arian and his services as the link above. In putting together his coaching program with Squats & Science we reached out to some of his past clients for testimonials and what we got back was amazing. We didn’t want to take out a quote and throw the rest away, so here they are in their full glory. Please give them a read, and if you like what you hear head over to our store and check out his services!


Arian was my coach at the 2015 IPF Classic Raw Powerlifting World Championships in Salo, Finland. I had never worked with Arian Prior to then. When I arrived I was handled right from the beginning by Arian. He told me where to sit, when to warm up, where to warm up, he loaded the plates and told me how many reps to do. He reminded me to eat when I needed to and to stay hydrated. He timed my warm ups perfectly so that right after my last warm up I was on the platform lifting within ten minutes. He paid strict attention to the effort I was putting into my warm up lifts so he could accurately call my attempts. He kept me focused, he did not joke around, he was not my buddy, he was there to make sure I was successful because success for me meant success for the team and the USA. Arian took away all of the anxiety that goes along with having to make decisions at a big meet. I had to think about nothing but lifting the weight on the bar. Until someone does that for you, you have no idea how beneficial it is and Arian is a real pro in that regard.

Arian called all of my attempts perfectly. I went 9 for 9 and did not have more than 5 more pounds in me on any of the lifts. I left practically nothing on the platform. As a result I brought home two silver medals and Bronze overall as well as 5 American records. He got everything out of me that I had to give on that day. I would highly recommend Arian to any serious lifter that wants to perform well at an important meet. I hope to be able to work with him often in the future. Arian is a true professional and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him.

– Randy Cairns


We met Arian in October 2014 at a meet at {Boynton Barbell Center} and I knew immediately that Arian could help both Chelsea and I reach the next level with our training. We were cross fitters and we wanted to make the transition into powerlifting but we were unsure how to go about doing it. Arian took us under his wing and we have been working with him ever since. Before Arian’s coaching we had no idea what we were doing. Our form was atrocious and we were just winging it. Arian changed things slowly and we never felt overwhelmed. Personally, I switched from high bar back squat to low bar, added a slight arch to my bench and went from conventional deadlift to sumo deadlift. He is always available to give constructive criticism and he is always on top of providing a new training block on time. Most recently we competed at the USAPL Summer Showdown in June and having Arian there to handle us was amazing. We didn’t have to stress about anything. He would load our warm-up weights and he had all of our attempts carefully planned out and in an excel spreadsheet. Since being under Arian’s coaching I have put 22 pounds on my back squat, going from 308# to 330.7#, bench press 150#-160# and deadlift 402#-419#. Chelsea has also improved each of her lifts: back squat 235#-286#, bench 150#-165# and deadlift 280#-303#. I would highly recommend Arian to anyone from a novice lifter to and elite lifter. Having confidence in your coach is extremely important and I have 100% confidence in Arian.

-Natalie Terrana


I came to Arian for coaching when I decided that I was tired of training solely for aesthetic purposes, and wanted to get stronger and feel like an athlete.  In less than a year, he has brought me so far.  I did not think I would be ready to do my first meet for a long time, but a few weeks ago I competed at Raw Nationals.  He has quite a few very talented lifters that he coaches, and I’m very much a beginner in comparison, but he has always made me feel like I’m just as important as the rest of them. His programming has improved my lifts immensely-my squat and deadlift max were around 160 and 175 when I started, and at my last meet I squatted 205 and deadlifted 231. I have learned so much from working with him in addition to gaining strength, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent coach.

– Elisabeth Mackechnie


I can certainly attest for Arian in the fact that he is great at programming; knowledgeable in the sport, and science of exercise. He is punctual with sending me my programs, and  answering questions I have. He is knowledgeable in the mechanics of the lifts, and the effect that they will have.

I have had Arian writing my programming for 9 months now, I started right after a meet in February. I got 1036 total at 83kg before his programming. My last meet was Aug 8th, so 6 months later I got an 1150 total at 181. I am competing again, in 10 days and hope to reach a 1200 total at 83kg. That’s going to be 170ish lbs on my total in under a year, at the same body weight. His programming works, if you put the time and effort in.

The good thing about Arian is he has been coached by many of the greats; and he applies all of their great techniques, and methods to his coaching. He listens to what works, what doesn’t, and alters things that will be best and catered to you. I would, and do recommend Arian as an Online coach, or if you are lucky enough to have him as a personal coach.

– Cody Wilson


Firstly and probably most importantly I would 100% recommend Arian as a coach and it is for this reason I have hired him for the next year. His communication is top drawer and his exercise selection is fantastic. He is able to analyse form break down and select appropriate exercises to fix the issues. Also he is able to select good attempts and warm up weights in competition. His coaching helped me to break a British squat record with a 5 kilo PB, and helped me to place 3rd overall in the British championships. I also pulled a 2.5kg PB on deadlift in the British championship. One other things that sets Arian apart is that if for any reason you miss sessions, he is able to adapt and is understanding.

– Jake Leach


For the last 4.25 months leading up to this meet, I have been working with my coach Arian Khamesi. And let me tell you- it was the best choice I’ve made that completely changed my way of training. Arian holds such a strong presence in USA Powerlifting as the Raw Sub Junior & Junior Head Coach, and Senior International Coach, among many other roles. He has been able to work with many of the top lifters in the industry and to be learning alongside him has been one heck of an experience with his knowledge on programming, technique analysis, and powerlifting in general. If you’re looking for a dedicated, intelligent coach at very reasonable prices, then I would definitely check him out…

– Bobby Paulshock


We’re excited to have Arian on board, and if you’re looking for the best online coaching in strength sports head over to his survey. He’s looking forward to working with you!

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