Looking for OpenBarbell support? Here are a few common answers

Looking for OpenBarbell support? Here are a few common answers

Looking for help with an OpenBarbell issue? No problem! Here are a few resources that might assist you in getting your OpenBarbell back into working order.

But first…

The bad news. All OpenBarbell variants are out of warranty. This doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a potentially malfunctioning device as we still do repairs, but they are done under our Limited Repair service here. If you’d like to send your OpenBarbell to us for a repair please make sure you read all of the instructions at that link so we can get your device back to you ASAP.

Before you do that read below

Here’s some helpful information that can potentially prevent the need to purchase a repair service.

Check out our FAQ! It’s the first resource you want to read when starting the process of fixing an OpenBarbell issue, although it can be a bit hard to find on our website.

Have some general questions about how to use your OpenBarbell? Check out this link for our OpenBarbell HowTo YouTube series.

OpenBarbell no longer reading reps, or reading them intermittently? This (kind of hideous) diagram might help. I recommend a soft hand, as our sensing elements are semi-delicate components. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself I recommend sending it to us for repair.

Is your wire stuck and not retracting? There are two common reasons for this, a malfunctioning spring or a broken spindle. If your spring is malfunctioning the fix is relatively simple. Check out this 64 second video where I do a complete repair with just a philips head screwdriver. Did this not work? There’s a good chance you have a broken spindle, which you can send to us for repair.

Did your wire snap, causing it to retract into your device? Re-wiring an OpenBarbell is much like re-stringing a fishing pole. The only thing you need is a high quality ferrule and crimp. Here are the ones we use (0.7mm), and here is a similar hand crimper that we used to assemble your OpenBarbell. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, again we are happy to do the repair.

If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out!

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