OpenBarbell V2: The next generation of velocity based training.

The original OpenBarbell drastically changed accessibility to Velocity Based Training for barbell sports. Now we’ve redesigned it from the ground up.


OpenBarbell Price

What can you do with OpenBarbell?

About the project

OpenBarbell is the worlds most accessible Velocity Based Training device.


It tracks:



• Average velocity


• Peak velocity


• Range of motion


• Rep duration


• Bar position


• Peak velocity location


• Time between sets


and with the new open-source OpenBarbell app the possibilities are endless. Athletes can use this information to improve their training by regulating training variables based on daily performance.

The product

OpenBarbell V2 is a velocity measuring device based on a draw-string rotary sensor. This technology is the gold standard in measuring barbell velocity because it’s capable of high accuracy and repeatability.


Other technologies like inertial measurement units (think the accelerometer in your phone) and camera based systems have limitations that make them either too expensive to be practical or nearly useless for measuring data about your lifts.

Daily Feedback and why it’s important

A strength athlete can be particularly well prepared for their upcoming squat workout. Traditional exercise methods would have the athlete complete squat reps at a pre-determined weight based on their strength level several weeks or months in the past. This can leave them over or under-trained.


With OpenBarbell, you’ll know that the weights are moving faster than ever and you can take the opportunity to maximize your performance that day. Instantaneous feedback allows modification of the workout and your program from rep to rep and set to set.

What’s new

V2 has improved on it’s earlier version in every way, from build quality to serviceability, battery life, connectivity and consistency.

OpenBarbell is encased from top to bottom in a cylinder of aircraft grade aluminum, tough enough to toss in your gym bag next to your gear.

We remade the entire mechanical assembly from the magnets up. Using the most accurate FDM 3D printing in the world, we were able to make a highly detailed threaded drum, increasing accuracy and consistency for every rep.

The workhorse of OpenBarbell, its cord and hook, have been reinvented as well. OpenBarbell V2 features a stainless steel braided wire and a metal hook, tested to survive tens of thousands of reps under the bar.


You may also have noticed something new at the end of the bar. We listened to our customers and made the most convenient bar attachment method on the market. All you do is magnetically attach it to the bar and its roller magnets will keep it at the very bottom for every rep, allowing the most accurate bar tracking.

Your workflow

Our team has created the best lift-tracking app in the world. Since our developers consist of Olympic lifters and Powerlifters, the app was made with functionality in mind. Every feature is purposeful to allow your phone to be a passive extension of OpenBarbell.


The OpenBarbell app is open source, which means if you know how to code in React Native you can add functionality like tempo squats, audio cues, force curves and more. On top of all that, the app is backwards compatible with OpenBarbell V1 for our original supporters.


Best of all, the OpenBarbell app will be available on both Android and iOS.

What is Open Source?

The ‘Open’ in OpenBarbell means open-source. It doesn’t mean much for our average consumer, as you interact with it just like any other device, but for those of you who can write code it enables some awesome benefits for everyone.


OpenBarbell in combination with our new app means an engineer can develop hardware features that don’t yet exist, like our friends from Missouri University of Science and Technology. You can also write new app features, and if they’re awesome enough we’ll include them in our updates so everybody else can benefit from your work!

Manufactured in Brooklyn

All of the plastic parts for OpenBarbell are made in Brooklyn, New York in a factory from the future. Voodoo Manufacturing specializes in medium volume 3D printing. They make parts that rival industrial plastic injection molding in quality and price, while enabling low to medium size production batches.

Tested at S&S Barbell

A good product can’t be made without plenty of real-world testing. For OpenBarbell, that means a lot of squats. S&S Barbell is where we test new features, put prototypes through thousands of reps and work with our lifters for feedback to help improve the device.

Assembled in Seattle

The rest is done in Seattle. From prototyping to assembly and QA, every unit we make spends its early weeks in our workshop in the Rainy City. If you want to see more of our assembly process, keep up with #makingobv2 on our Instagram page @squatsandscience.

The Future of V2

OpenBarbell is always improving. Our contributors consist of developers, engineers, data scientists and exercise physiologists. We’re all working towards the same goal, make smart lifting easier. If you’d like to be a contributor send us an email at

We have big aspirations for OpenBarbell V2. We think it’s perfect for team applications and gym environments, which is why we’re hosting our first hackathon this November at S&S Barbell with the theme of “Hack Our Gym”.  We want to integrate OpenBarbell V2 into every aspect of our testing facility from our WiFi enabled sign to our Nest cams. You can write code to have our gym pay your membership back for every rep done that month, or have our 24 hour entry system greet you when you arrive and bring up your most recent velocities. The possibilities are endless!


OpenBarbell V1 In Action

Check out OpenBarbell V1 in action with some of our awesome owners.

The data collection continues. #openbarbell#VBT

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Arian has coached a who's who of the best lifters in the US, and has earned the honor of coaching the 2016-2018 Junior and Sub-Junior national teams at IPF Classic Worlds.

Arian Khamesi


Jordan Berke graduated in 2012 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Florida State University. He is the Co-Founder of Squats & Science, Co-Founder of the FSU Weightlifting Club and Inventor of OpenBarbell.

Jordan Berke


Nathan Zephir is a founding OpenBarbell contributor and graduated in 2013 with a BS in Electrical Engineering and is the 2013 USAPL Raw Junior National Champion in the 120kg class.

Nathan Zephir


John is an avid weightlifter, computer scientist and iOS developer. He's led several app development teams, including Soul Cycle's iOS app.

John Lin


Chris Meyers graduated in 2012 with a BS in Sports Management & Administration from Florida State University, and is the Founder of Boynton Barbell Center, a USAPL friendly gym in south Florida.

Chris Meyers

Squats & Science started as a conversation between a group of friends who were all contributing to strength sports. Between South Florida’s first 24 hour barbell gym, Coach Arian’s contributions to USA Powerlifting and Jordan’s open source barbell velocity measuring device, we were all passionate about improving the strength community. We decided to pool our resources and operate under one roof, and Squats & Science was born. 18 months later we now have:

  • Boynton Barbell Center, Broward Barbell Center, and S&S Barbell (Brooklyn, NY)

  • USA team gold, via Head Coach Arian Khamesi at the 2016 IPF World Championships

  • The successful launch of OpenBarbell V1 and the brand new OpenBarbell V2

Click here to read more about our team.

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