OpenBarbell is no longer in production, it’s making way for something much smarter.

OpenBarbell V3: The best velocity based training tool in the world.

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OpenBarbell drastically changed accessibility to Velocity Based Training for barbell sports. Now we’ve made it even better.

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About OpenBarbell V3

OpenBarbell is the worlds most accessible Velocity Based Training device.

It tracks:

• Average velocity

• Peak velocity

• Range of motion

• Rep duration

• Peak velocity location

• Time between sets

and with the open-source OpenBarbell app the possibilities are endless. Athletes can use this information to improve their training by regulating training variables based on daily performance.

The product

3D printed prototype pictured

OpenBarbell V3 is a velocity measuring device based on a draw-string rotary sensor. This technology is the gold standard in measuring barbell velocity because it’s capable of high accuracy and repeatability.

Other technologies like inertial measurement units (think the accelerometer in your phone) and camera based systems have limitations that make them either too expensive to be practical or nearly useless for measuring actionable data about your lifts.

Daily Feedback and why it’s important

A strength athlete can be particularly well prepared for their upcoming squat workout. Traditional exercise methods would have the athlete complete squat reps at a pre-determined weight based on their strength level several weeks or months in the past. This can leave them over or under-trained.

With OpenBarbell, you’ll know that the weights are moving faster than ever and you can take the opportunity to maximize your performance that day. Instantaneous feedback allows modification of the workout and your program from rep to rep and set to set.

What’s new

V3 is our best  OpenBarbell yet. We improved our metrics, made the device more robust, added a customizeable LED indicator, and on top of all that made OpenBarbell smaller and lighter.

The new OpenBarbell is covered head to toe in high density ABS plastic, making it more durable than ever before.

(3D printed prototype pictured)

We added a customizeable indicator light above the screen, designed to alert you if you’ve left your device on, give you information about battery level, and communicate Bluetooth status.

We took what we learned from OpenBarbell V2 and improved every part of the internal assembly. These modifications mean more accurate readings, smoother wire extension and retraction, and zero stuck tethers.

Our customers have spoken and they love our roller hook. It’s the most convenient way to attach your device to the bar for the most accurate readings, when every 0.01 m/s matters.

New for our OpenBarbell V3 customers is our Squats & Science Carrying Case. It’s not often you have laboratory grade measurement tools in your gym bag, so we designed a custom pouch so you can keep your OBV3 is safe alongside your gear. You can add it to your cart in the store or by selecting one of the pledges that includes the Carrying Case.

Your workflow

Our team has created the best lift-tracking app in the world. The numbers are proof, OpenBarbell owners have logged tens of thousands of reps through the app and we’re working hard to make logging as easy as possible. In fact we’re hopeful that with the  ease of use and versatility of the V3.0 app update we’ll hit 1 million reps tracked in no time!

The OpenBarbell app is open source, which means if you know how to code in React Native you can add functionality like tempo squats, audio cues, force curves and more. On top of all that, the app is backwards compatible with OpenBarbell V1 and V2 for our original supporters.

Best of all, the OpenBarbell app is available on both Android and iOS.

What is Open Source?

The ‘Open’ in OpenBarbell means open-source. It doesn’t mean much for our average consumer, as you interact with it just like any other device, but for those of you who can write code it enables some awesome benefits for everyone.

OpenBarbell in combination with our new app means an engineer can develop hardware features that don’t yet exist, like our friends from Missouri University of Science and Technology. You can also write new app features, and if they’re awesome enough we’ll include them in our updates so everybody else can benefit from your work!

Manufactured in Brooklyn

All of the plastic parts for OpenBarbell are made in Brooklyn, New York in a factory from the future. Voodoo Manufacturing specializes in medium volume 3D printing. They make parts that rival industrial plastic injection molding in quality and price, while enabling low to medium size production batches.

Tested and Built at S&S Barbell

A good product can’t be made without plenty of real-world testing. For OpenBarbell, that means a lot of squats. S&S Barbell is where we test new features, put prototypes through thousands of reps and work with our lifters for feedback to help improve the device.


And when we say made in USA, we mean it. Every screw, magnet, and wire is assembled in our Brooklyn lab by our team. If you don’t believe us, go ahead and follow our build process on Instagram using the hash tag #OpenBarbellV3.

The Future of V3

OpenBarbell is always improving. Our contributors consist of developers, engineers, data scientists and exercise physiologists. We’re all working towards the same goal, make smart lifting easier. If you’d like to be a contributor send us an email at


OpenBarbell In Action

Check out OpenBarbell in action with some of our awesome owners.

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• ROAD TO WORLD GAMES • 904 RAWWWW Squat • Little back story on my raw squat for those who don't know. Back in 2012 I broke the Raw Squat World Record with 881, before anyone else had done 800 in the modern "Raw" era - before raw blew up in popularity and all of these freaks started breaking boundaries once thought unbreakable. Later in 2012 I tore my hip labrum at the first Raw Worlds but when on to win that World Championship. From that point on, I lost the raw squat mojo that I once had in my blood. I tried coming back in 2013 and tore my other hip labrum squatting at Raw Nationals. I haven't had the raw mojo back in my blood because every time I tried squatting raw, the pain in my hips was unbearable. I confined to try and compete raw as I had still loved it but realized the only thing that made my hips feel better was the support of the squat suit and that became my game. I've very sparingly tried to include raw squats as part of my training when my hip feels good. This usually ends up being once a month or so with very sub-maximal weights • With World Games (equipped) in late July, I have the longest break I've had for awhile for a training cycle. Doing some things different before I begin my true powerlifting cycle has been a breath of fresh air. Doing a lot of heavy-modified bodybuilding work to add some muscle mass and feeling my lifts out with no pressure of a meet or expectations of numbers. I have squatted raw about 5 times over the past 6 months. And this is the second time with a bar on my back since I re-injured my L5/S1 with 1,113 lbs on the squat at the Arnold. I have no gauge on where my raw strength is, and no expectation of any number. I decided to work up and feel how things went, being ready to stop at any point that my hip didn't feel good. Tonight felt amazing. I added weight, measured the bar velocity, and it never really slowed down from 717 up to 904. I have no expectations for what my raw numbers would be as that is very far from my focus. But being able to comfortably put this weight on my back with no practice and smoke it with no hip support gives me all the confidence that I am ready to squat 1,201 pounds in the near future.

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Jordan Berke graduated in 2012 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Florida State University. He is the Co-Founder of Squats & Science, Co-Founder of the FSU Weightlifting Club and Inventor of OpenBarbell.

Jordan Berke


John is an avid weightlifter, computer scientist and iOS developer. He's led several app development teams, including Soul Cycle's iOS app.

John Lin


Logan graduated in 2013 with a BA in Graphic Design. He spent the next four years learning how to code in half a dozen languages, design user interfaces, and develop product user experiences, leading the design team at Noom Health.

Logan Merriam

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