OpenBarbell Waitlist

OpenBarbell is currently out of stock but have no fear, we just finished fulfilling our pre-orders and are getting ready to make our remaining stock available on our website. If you subscribe to this list you are guaranteed to be the first to know when these units will be available. This is how it’ll work when the latest units are ready for sale:


Step 1 – We notify everybody on this email list that there will be availablility in X days (likely 3-7 days)

Step 2 – We’ll announce this information on our website, blog, and social media and add a countdown on our website.

Step 3 – We’ll send another email out about a day in advance of the sale.

Step 4 – The stock will be made available when the countdown reaches zero.


This batch will not be a pre-order, the units will ship the same week.

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