OpenBarbell V0.25 PCB

OpenBarbell V0.25 PCB



OpenBarbell V0.25 is the next iteration of the open source barbell velocity measuring device you can build at home. With V0.25 come sweet upgrades, most of which center around our brand new Rev 1 PCB. This PCB is powered by either 4AAA batteries or one 3.7 single cell lithium polymer battery. It supports lipo quick charge and can charge up to 50% in 15 minutes, it supports fuel gauge display to screen, reprogrammable via microUSB (with an RFduino USB dev kit), and is fully Bluetooth capable.


Of course, we understand some may not want to order their own PCB in small batches at an inflated price. That’s why we’re selling our surplus unpopulated boards for a limited time right here in our online store. We can’t guarantee stock forever, so buy them while they’re available!


For more information about what to do next, check out our OpenBarbell tutorial, WikiBarbell and Buildlog.


OpenBarbell V0.25 Tutorial –

OpenBarbell V0.25 Wiki –

OpenBarbell Buildlog –

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