OpenBarbell V2 & V1 Limited Repair




You can send your device(s) to the following address:

S&S Barbell
415 Wythe Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Please make sure you:

1. Include the order number for this Limited Repair purchase.
2. Include original purchase order number.
3. Package the device well so it doesn’t sustain further damage during transit.
4. Email tracking information as soon as you ship the device (

When it’s fixed we can send it back free of charge within two weeks.


Is your OpenBarbell device malfunctioning but no longer within the one year warranty? Choose this option to have your device repaired by our team and shipped back within two weeks. Purchase price includes repair, requisite parts, return shipping, and handling. Price is per package, not per OpenBarbell. Multiple OpenBarbells can be sent to us for repair with one Limited Repair purchase.

Purchasing this repair does not guarantee you a fixed device. If the extend of the damage is beyond our ability to repair, we’ll refund you the price of the repair minus any return shipping fees. If you don’t want the parts returned we will refund the full repair price. It is very rare that we cannot complete a repair, and this likely only occurs in the case of a full PCB loss.

If you own an OpenBarbell V3, if this message is still here then it is still under warranty and you can have it repaired at no cost to you. The above repairability statement still applies.